Enyoi family questions and answers


How much does the course cost?

The cost is USD500, which you must start paying three months after you finish your training or as soon as you get a job (whatever happens first). To make payments we have different modalities, such as: monthly installments, prepayment of the program, but our biggest proposal for everyone to opt without thinking about upfront costs is the income-sharing agreement.


What is a Revenue Sharing Agreement (RSA)?

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a document where you as our participant agree to complete our program at no upfront cost and pay a percentage of your income only when you get a job.


How is the investment reimbursed?

We earn when you earn! The value of our program is 0USD initially, when you finish the program and get a job, you start paying in the installments that best suit you, from 1 to 12 months. The total value of the program is 500USD.

The payment of the investment ensures the sustainability of the Academy so that other people can train like you did ?.


What does flexible schedule mean?

This means that you must attend the Tutorships according to the schedule of the chosen program, which are live and 100% online. The rest of the time required to guarantee the best results of your training can be distributed in your free time.


Should I look for a job while I study the programming course?

Although the ultimate focus of the program is employability, it is not necessary to look for a job during the 6 months of the program, we recommend that you focus entirely on achieving the objectives of the training.


If I am currently studying or working, can I access the program?

The program is intensive and therefore requires dedication. If you are currently studying or working, you must adjust your schedule to allow you to meet the established objectives.


What is the modality of the course?

Our program is 100% Online and it is the student?s responsibility to have the equipment and ensure good quality connection.


What equipment do I need to have to participate?

We do not require specific characteristics for the equipment that you will use while participating in the program, but we suggest some of them, which are: 4GB RAM, 120 GB Hard Disk, Microphone and Camera. Additionally, the tools we use for daily communication are Zoom and Microsoft teams.


Do I need to have previous programming experience or knowledge?

No, it is not necessary; but if you want to prepare yourself a little before starting the program, here are some links to some courses (all free) that will help you with the preparation.

iNNpulsa: It has a basic programming course where you will understand the logic of the code, how programmers think and how to program games, projects and even robots and electronics.

Khan Academy: There you can find some sections that will help you in your preparation.

Code.org: In this course you can learn in a very didactic way all the basic concepts of programming. Start with this one as it will give you an excellent foundation.